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@Gregorius III wrote:

That is an interesting article by Scruton.

Fully agree, wonderful stuff, but totally daft!

The guy is trying to re-write the history of art starting from a premise he seems to have invented that: ”The sacred task of art . . . is to magnify life . . . and to reveal it’s beauty”.

We need to go back to basics here. The goal of the artist, from the first cave painter onwards, was always to produce a representation, a picture, a sculpture, using skills and craft that others didn’t possess. From day one, his skills set the artist apart, the artist was special, a member of an elite.

As in Darwin, natural selection kicked in and the artist who produced a good representation, and/or beauty, did well and prospered. Later on, a handfull of great artists eschewed conventions of beauty to create works that were disturbing, but always the idea was to give graphic representation to an idea, or a commission.

Then everything changed mid 19th century with the invention of photography. But photography was crude and simple and black & white. The artist was skilled and could adapt and he remembered the quick brush strokes of Rembrandt and Hals and Guardi and the artist created impressionist works that photography couldn’t match and, more than anything, his medium was colour.

But sun flowers and water lillies don’t last forever and photography caught up and soon the artist found himself playing third fiddle in the orchestra he used to lead and he got angry and resentful and so he spat vile and tat and squalid bedsits and pickled sharks at a world in which he could make no other mark.

But to his shock and surprise the world made dizzy by the pace of progress bought his art, believing it to have the same value as shares in Lehman Brothers and this encouraged the artist to spit and scowl some more, but anyone can spit and scowl, these are not the attributes of a gifted elite, so now the artist is looking around and diversifying into film and fashion, just in case.

That’s my potted history of art and my explanation for why we are . . where we are!

If art has a future I’ll bet my bottom dollar it’ll be in rediscovering the value of skill and craft, about the artist again doing things that others cannot do, about the craft in the object not just the shock in the concept.

I think Scruton is right about the vacuousness of shock and afront as modern artistic goals, but I think he’s wrong to hark back to perceptions of ‘Beauty’ or ‘Sanctity’ as having any role to play in an artistic revival.

@Contraband wrote:

Why is the thread title ‘reorganisation and destruction of irish catholic churches’ when from what I can see, whats being discussed is general church buildings/architecture that have nothing to do with Ireland or Irish architects..?

I hope you’re not suggesting the reorganisation and destruction of an archiseek thread!

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