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Gregorius III

@Praxiteles wrote:

And here we have news of another (highly significant) re-reordering. This time it is the Westminster Metropolitan Cathedral in London. The temporary altar raised on a wooden platform which was installed in the choir immediately in front of the sanctuary has been removed and the celebration of Mass returns to the High Altar.

Praxiteles, you should have provided us with a picture of this altar in it’s current, renovated state. However, I see why you have not done so, amazingly there’s still not one to be found [easily] on the Internet. Here’s what I could find:

A photographer whose eye for beauty naturally cropped out the picnic table (in this picture from a few weeks back). I suppose this is generally what we would see today. It will however be much more magnificent and striking without the platform – which may be concealing some more marble stairs… and possibly there’s even a communion rail trapped beneath it. I’m sure we will see more pictures of it soon enough though.

@Praxiteles wrote:

A further significant re-reordering is expected to be inaugerated in a couple of weeks time. This is the restored Cappella Paolina in the Vatican Palace.

It’s nice to see the “Benedictine Reform” continuing to happen just around the corner from his own apartment…

Today, I heard someone speaking of “Our Holy Father’s silent revolution of love” [referring to his encyclicals and other words of his] and I thought to myself… yes, he is a man of many revolutions… some aren’t so silent as this one of “love” about which he was speaking.

Using the phrase in a different light one can say that what we are seeing in his papacy truly is a revolution of love – of love for both truth and beauty, especially as they are reflected and modeled in the Church’s liturgy.

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