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@Luzarches wrote:

I know that Prax isn’t too much of a fan of Schwarz. He is right to point to the problem of the ‘legibility’ of liturgical symbolism and Schwarz could be accused of fabricating arbitrary categories

Perhaps we could now return to the question of the legibility of liturgical symbolism in modern architecture. We have laready pointed out the difficulties that we encounter with Schwarz whose lirurgical symbolism is clearly incommunicable because, in effect, it amounts to a private esoteric language accessible only to the initoiated. On the other hand, if we look at the work of Plecnik, we have a range of accessible liturgical symbols that is clearly connected with the symbolic and architectural canon of Western civilisation and that is a re-working of that canon. An example of that is the design of the church of St. Francis the main body of which is located at a slightly lower level and surrounded by a colonade on four sides. Surely, here we have a reference to the impluvium of a Roman domestic villa which archeologists such as Krautheimer have shown probably lay at the very origin of the first Christian churches: the impluvium was roofed and served as the body for the house church. The idea seem to be very much much part of Plecnik’s back-to-origins concerns which are also to be seen in his designs for ecclesiastical plate.

I merely throw out the idea to see if anybody is interested in it.

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