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Hi Prax

apologies for the sloppy typing. My sentence should have read ‘….episcopal liturgical commission – consisting of bishops…’ etc.

@Praxiteles wrote:

Then we have another august bodz: The Irish Commission for Liturgy. This has a verz interesting line up.The only person on this committee worth listening to when it comes to a liturgical matter is the Reverend Patrick McGolderick, Professor emeritus of Sacred Liturgy, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

I am afraid, Brian, that zou are incorrect in sazing that the Episcopal Commission has the full authoritz of the Episcopal Commission to make DIRECTIVES on the liturgy. An Episcopal Conference can make precious little in the waz of DIRECTIVES about the liturgz. That is the business of the Holy See and of the Diocesan Bishop in his diocese. The Conference has no authority in this area. Even if it had, it could not delegate that authoritz to a sub commission.

Two points here -( neither of which are relevant to our discussion about POW as it (POW) is not a directive and I never said it was) an episcopal conference can make directives on the liturgy, admittedly in limited circumstances – can455 & GIRM 390. Also, and I can’t confirm if it is actually the case, but the Episcopal Conference can delegate to an episcopal commission by virtue of Can 451.


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