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My point was that, in a cathedral, there should be some indicator that it is more than a mere (!) parish church; ‘choirs’ such as that in S.Clemente or in Spanish cathedrals are now largely redundant because the Catholic church has given up any pretence that a choir (a group of singers) has any meaningful function. Equally, has the cathedral chapter or clergy of a diocese no public function at major liturgical occasions?

When Praxiteels speaks of speak of “choirs” in the present context, it should be intended that Chapter Choirs are meant, that is a body of canons attached to a Cathedral or Collegiate church whose specific duties are to sing the daily offices. As far as Praxiteles is aware, the only Catholic cathedral in the Britsh isles where that is done (and then on Sundays and only partially) is in Westminster Cathedral. However, we should not regard this as the norm. Practically all of major Spanish Cathedrals retain their chapters and these continue to dunction as they always did. The situation is also similar in Germanya dn Austria. In France, the Napoleone despoiled the good of these chapters and they have, with a few exception, never recovered since.

As for a major function at a Cathedral, Praxiteles would point to the duty of the Cathedral Chapter to assist in choro at the principal Mass celebrated on Sundays Рas used to be the case for instance even in Notre Dame in Paris or at St Andr̩ in Bordeaux. It is not foreseen by any ritual that the diocesan clergy should absent themselves from the pastoral duties merely to act as flower pots or gapers in the Cathedral.

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