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prax: erudition in your reply, as usual, BUT the illustration of S. Clemente illustrates my point perfectly – the choir (schola) is distinct from the altar area, but the cathedra-presbyterium (sic) is as I described it. Not all the occupants of the presbytery will have been directly involved in the ceremonial, nor can the practices of the medieval church absolutely dictate how things should be done today.
My point was that, in a cathedral, there should be some indicator that it is more than a mere (!) parish church; ‘choirs’ such as that in S.Clemente or in Spanish cathedrals are now largely redundant because the Catholic church has given up any pretence that a choir (a group of singers) has any meaningful function. Equally, has the cathedral chapter or clergy of a diocese no public function at major liturgical occasions? The cathedral at B.dereen may have no chapter and I am not advocating crowding-out the sanctuary, but there is nothing about this building that says ‘out of the ordinary’ apart from the bishop’s chair stuck against one of the pillars at the entrance to the choir. And how can this ‘public function’ be demonstrated architecturally?
pandaz7’s point about sticking too closely to the rubrics is a fair one; ancient practice should illuminate but not dictate to current practice (which is light-years away from agreeing with much of the wreckovation proposed for too many historic churches).

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