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Attached is a scan of a plate in Vol. XI of A.N.Dirdon’s Annales Archéologiques (ante p.136) published in 1851. It depicts the 13 th century armament of the sacristy door in Sens. It is regarded as a superb example of 13 century wrought iron work and of an extreme complexity of forging, applicationa dn fixing.

Now, the armaments on the doors of the West facade of Cobh Cathedral are of wrought iron, modelled on French 13th. century examples – such as that at Sens and on the Porte de Ste Anne at Notre Dame in Paris. It was executed by Fagan’s of Dublin. Neglect of this fine craftsmanship has resulted in serious deterioration of the ironwork.

With the connivance of Cork County Concil’s Heritage department and of Cobh Town Council, the armaments of the Baptistery doors dissappeared for “restoration” and have not ben seen since. We hope that the persons responsible for allowing this in Cork County Council and in Cobh Town Council took the time to do a little study of the sacristy door in Sens Cathedral and, if they did not, that they will be preparing to write letters of resignation!

In A.N. Didron’s description of the Sens door, he continually refers to the delicate appearance of this strapwork -which, however, lacks for nothing in strength. He also refers several times to the consolidation function of the strapwork. That is to say, the strrapwork consilidates (or holds to together -in small words) the door. presumably, without the strapwork a large door held together with wooden pegs could easily fall apart. Now, we might ask, what provisional measures have been taken by Cork County Council’s officers and Cobh Town Council to CONSOLIDATE the Baptistery doors in Cobh Cathedral since the strapwork was ripped off of it? I wonder aht would happen were thst door to fall apart? Are the pieces of newspapers stuffed into the hols in the door sufficient to consolidate it? We shall see ….and we shall see very soon!

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