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Thanks very much for the clarification concerning POW being an authentic church document and for stating that it represents what you are pleased to call the mind of the Irish Bishops Conference.

There are some things I would have to say about you comments as I am left with the impression that as a member of the Art and Architecture Committee of the Irish Episcopal Conference you are perhaps not quite up tto speed about the legal or canonical staus of an Episcopal Conference and of its commissions and advisory bodies.

The Art and Architecture Committe of the Liturgical Commission of the Irish Episcopal Conferenbce is an Advisory Committee of the Liturgical Commission. The Liturgical Commission is an advisory doby of the Plenum of the Episcopal Conference and as such it can only provide advice to the Conference. A decision which the Plenum of the Conference is entitled to make following a canonical vote of all the voting members fo teh Conference can be entrusted to the Liturgical COmmission for EXECUTION. The Plenum of the Conference cannot delegate its responsabilities to a Commission.

When we bring these few principles to bear on the so called publication of Places of Worship, the Liturgy Commission could have proposed it to the Plenum of the Conference for a vote and so proceed to its publication AFTER it had been submitted to the Holy See for its approval. Had this happened, then the book POW would have been a canonically approved provision of the Conference and as such would have had vim legis. However, and it has been said umpteen times on this thread, this course of action was not followed. We do not know the reason for it. Perhaps the great minds in the Irish Episcopal Conference might have realised that had such a pathetic prodiuction been submitted to the Holy See someone would have to take out the red pencil and correct the poor scholars efforts. Clearly, the greter mninds in the Conference would have liked that.

What happened then seem to be that the Liturgical Commission of the Conference simply published the book. As an advisory body of the Plenum of the Conference, its job is to advise the Plenum of the Conference and any production of the Commission should be addreessed to the Plenum only. This is the provision of Apostolos Suos the motu proprio governing the running of Episcopal Conferences.. Since the Liturgy Commission did publish the book POW, what canonical or legal validity does it have or what force of law does it have? The answer to those questions is simply NONE. It is simply to be regarded as a private publication expressing private opinions. There are plenty of these around and few are to be given much if any credibility.

If BQ wishes to chek that what is outlined above concerning the jurisdiction, functioning and procedure of Episcopal Conferences is correct, then just take a trip to Ara Coeli and ask the BOSS himself and, I susppect, he will have no hesitation in confirming just what I have said.


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