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The latest intelligence signalled from Cobh relates the following:

A nun over there who is a feared Gauleiterin on the Cloyne liturgical Soviet has let it be known in public quarters that the decision of An Bord P. is unacceptable and that the catheral just MUST be changed. The same lady was also good enough to communicate that poor bishop McGhee has not the money to take ABP to the High Court and has been advised to let his plan go. However, the same lady says that he is currently involved in drawing up a further set of plans and, according the Eva Braun of Cobh, the plans will be ready and presented in TWO WEEKS time. That, incidentially should coincide with the first anniversary of last year’s presentation to Cobh Town Council and it should yet again coincide with Cobh Town Council’s annual holidays for 2006. If there is any truth in this, then I expect that McCutccheon and Mulcahy, the unhappy bishop’s “advisors” must have lost all semblance of reason and reality. Moreover, should this prove true the FOSCC will once again do it duty without remorse. It might be no harm for the poor bishop to stand down his Gauleiterin, who has lately been bleating in the Irish Catholic about her arthritic knees, before she leads to his being stood down himself. There is only a certain amount of liturgical warefare that will be tolerated after which heads have to roll.

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