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You comments about the FOSCC being “conservative” Tridentines is as wide of the mark as claiming that Praxiteles made remarks about a certain person on another thread.

If you read the position outlined by FOSCC at the ordal hearing, you will see that their liturgical stance is dead centre of the road in what is prescribed OFFICIALLY by the Catholic Church. I include the link to bring you up to speed:

The so called liturgical experiìtise wheeled out by the Trustees of Cobh Cathedral and by the Cloyne HACK in all of this debacle was a junior cleric of absolutely no Wissenshaft of any kind. The only knowledge he has of the Christian liturgy was gleaned during a six-month sabbatical course spent in the United States of America. I doubt that he has ever heard of, let alone read, Mario Righetti’s Manuale della Storia Liturgica, nor Ildefonso Schuster’s Liber Sacramentorum, nor Bartolomeus Gavantus ‘Thausurus Sacrorum Rituum to cite but a few of the classical commentators. As for his having access to Migne’s Patrologia Latina or to his Patrologia Greca throw you hat at it for he cannot tell the difference between Greek and Latin as is quite obvious from the riseable text he produced for the Cloyne HACK. Who in their right minds would want to take medical advice from a doctor who had never studied medicine nor read a medical textbook?

Just read the earlier parts of this thread and see for your self the extent of the wreckage that has been worked on the fairly slim architectural inventory that we have in Ireland. From it one thing emerges: the Catholic bishops simply cannot or else are not able to ensure the conservation of thsoe monuments of historical and architectural interest in their charge. As you know, natur abhors a vacuum. If someone else fills it in this case, what more can be said.

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