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Another important architect of the Dutch neo Gothic revival is Wilhelm Victor Alfred Tepe.
He was born in Amsterdam in November 1840 and studied architecture at the Bauakadamie in Berlin 1861-l 1864 but was dissatisfied with its Classicism. Tepe devoted much of his time tot he study of of Viollet-le-Duc. and the French neo-Gothic movement which included Lassus and Didron. From 1865 to 1867 Tepe worked under Vincenz Statz, one of Germany’s leading neo-Gothic architects. Tepe was involved with Statz in Cologne on the completion of the cathedral.

In 1867 Tepe returned to Amsterdam, where he worked for an architect Ouderterp moving to Utrecht in 1872 where he became one of the leading members of the St. Bernulphusgilde (‘Guild of St. Bernulphus’), a group of Catholic clergy and artists striving to restore national traditions and craftmanship in religious art and architecture. The guild was a dominant influence in the archdiocese of Utrecht. Influences from medieval indigenous styles were especially encouraged, as was the use of indigenous materials, especially brick. Most of Tepe’s oeuvre is to be found in the archdiocese of Utrecht. From 1871 to 1905 Tepe built around 70 churches, executed in brick with very little natural stone, and taking the late-Gothic 15th- and 16th-centuries’ styles of the Lower Rhine and Westphalia as his majopr influence. The St. Bernulphus Guild saw to the sumptous decoration of the interiorrs.
In 1905 Tepe moved to Germany, where he designed several more churches. He died in Düsseldorf in 1920,

Church St. Willibrordus, Utrecht 1876-1877

The church has undergone an important restoration which was brought to completion in 2005. It would useful for public bodies in Ireland such as the Heritage COuncil and the architectural “experts” in the Department of the Environment to take a close look at this restoration. They might learn something from it.

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