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The most important piece of drama at the CObh Cathedral Oral Hearing in Midleton was Shane Murphy’s corss-examination of Des Heffernan (planning official) on behalf og the Friends of St. COlman’s Cathedral. Mr. heffernan, on the basis of whose “work” Cobh Town COuncil granted planning permission for the wreckage of the Cathedral interior was careful enough to begin by pointing out to one of the Town Consellors that he was not in fact a “temporary planning officer” but a senior planning officer whos was acting in a temporary capacity, supplying while the county architect, Deasey, went off on holidays. Strange to say, Mr Heffernan’s contributions to the Orla Hearing, though highly significant, never made it into any of the newspapers. WHile being very careful to correct a minor point touncing his own vanity, Mr. Heffernan quickly let it be known that his cafefulness did not extend to reading all of the objections taht had been lodged against the planning application. Indeed, Mr. Heffernan’s “due care” did not even manage to get beyond 140 of the 214 objections that head been lodged against Cathal O’Neill’s rampage. Despite the fact that 70 people paid Euro 20 each just to express an opinion in a democratic process, the person paid by the public to read, examine and assess those objections did not bother his **** to read almost one third of the objections submitted. Is it any wonder that the populòation of Cobh is this morning on the verge of revolution. The same Mr. Heffernan, under further cross.-examination admitted that even if they had been read it would not have mattered because the planning pèermission was going to be granted simply because Bishop MacGhee wanted it like a child screaming for a rattler. Is not that some level of public “service” for you. There may well be more to discover about how the tpwn officials went about processing the planning application for permission to “develop” the Cathedral sanctuary.

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