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The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Kanturk, Co. Cork, J. Hurley, 1867.

Some pictures of the exterior:

The first shows the main Portal which has been adorned by the addition of a cospicuous lamp. More seriously, the original doors seem to have disappeared and been replaced by new doors. While these have been mounted, on the inside, on what looks like an original hinge, the strap work has disappeare from the outside. The door, rather than being held together by wooden pegs, was nailed together with steel nails which are now rusting. Indeed, the door has been affixed to the hinge by galvanized bolts. This must be one of the worst acts of vandalism in the whole county. the strapwork has been removed from all of the doors and in some, the outline of the ornate metal work can stell be seen on the underpaint. In addition, the tarmacadam is at the end of its natural life and wasted or covered in green moss. The gardens and grass verges have not been properly tended for many years. The entarnce gates tot he cburch are in a state of sad neglest. The ensemble crowned by the installation of a bottle and waste paper collection point in the adjacent car-par (I wonder was planning permission sought and obtained for such a change of use?)

The third photograph illustrates the door tot he sacristy. Clearly, it needs a lick of paint.

The fourth phottgraph shows the chancel window which has become obscured by an ungainly chimney stack and the addition of a broadcasting ariel . Al of this degredation has come about in the past ten years.

What amazes me is that the heritage officer for the County of Cork has allowed this to happen to a fine building. That this state should continue is clear indication that heritage protection laws in ireland are largely decorative and certainly not intended to be policed.

The present Parish Priest of Kanturk is John Terry. Ironically, for one who does not appear to be able to maintain his own parish church in decent order and repair, he has no hesitation in sitting on, and indeed, chairing, the Historic Church Commission of the DIocese of Cloyne!! Is it any wonder that he saw nothing wrong with Cathal O’Neill’s proposed vandalization of Cobh Cathedral?

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