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Talking of various actes de vandalisme and of neglect and poor maintenance of 19th. century churches in Ireland, I thought you might like to see some of these specimens from Kilmallock:

The first photograph shows the door to what may have been a mortuary on the north west side of the church. I have seen more delicate ways of closing up a bull-ring.

The second photograph shows the present reredos of the High Altar. Unfortunately, some vandal decided to demolish the High Altar and reredos so as to leave only the tabarnacle with its canopy. However, that solution probably soon left its inadequacies more than evident and a “rectification” took place which saw a disporportionate reconstruction of the reredos. This is evident from the poor quality workmanship employed in the reconstruction as well as the complete lack of any esthetic in re-assembling the variously coloured marbles columns and shafts. The result…… Not content with that, the reconstructed reredos appeard to have attracted a further hammering from the iconoclasts: all of the finials have been knocked off and some of them have been dumped in the piscina of the Lady Chapel as can be seen in the third photograph. I also suspect that the candle sticks are from the side altars. Some of the original candle sticks from the High Altar are behind the present tabernacle and are in fine brass ,twice as tall as the one presently on the reredos. Obviously these were made so as to be in proportion with the soaring canopy over the tabernacle on the original High Altar. Of course, the area behind the present reredos is nothing short of the local unauthorized halting site.

The third photograph shows the unkempt clutter now scattered about the Lady Chapel. The long radiator in front of the mosaic is hardly helpful. And, I suspect that someone has painted brown what was probably a while surround for the piscina.

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