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The West Portal of St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, showing the archivolt with series of figures of the Patriarchs and Prophets of the Old Testament, which has been combined with the twelve Apostles depicted on the architrave of the portal. Thus, following the iconography of the Royal Portal at Chartres, the West Portal of Cobh Cathedral combines the Old and New Testaments, thereby indicating the continuity of the worship given to God in both Testaments and its culmination in Christ. Unlike Chartres, Cobh has one row of Patriarchs and Prophets rather than three and does not incorporate any of the angelic hosts so evident in Chartres Portal.

In Cobh, the sequence runs as follows:

2. Ezechiel * associated with the verse Porta clausa et non aperiet, a reference to Our Lady
3. Isaiah* associated with the verse Ecce virgo concipiet et pariet filium, a reference to Birth of Christ, depicted with the saw by which he died.
4. David
5. Aaron associated with the flowering Rod of Num 17:1-11 a prefiguiring of Our Lady
6. Melchisadeck king and priest of Salem who met Abraham with bread and wine prefiguining the Eucharist (Gen 14:18-24)
7. Noah the flood: Gen 6:14-22; Gen 7,8:1-19; Gen 8: 20-22; Gen 9: 1-19

1. Abraham depicted with a knife referring to the sacrifice of Isaac in gn 22:1-19- a propotype for the sacrifice of Christ.
2. Moses
3. Job the pype of the suffering Christ.
4. Jonah
5. Jeremiah* the Prophet of the Passion of Christ.
6. Daniel* the lions in background referring to the Book of Daniel Chapter 6.
7. Zachariah

* denotes the major Prophets

Below the figures of Patriarch Noah with the ark; and the Priest-King of Salem (Jerusalem) Melchisadeck.

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