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The Lady Chapel in Cobh Cathedral is located to the north of the Chancel and measures 15x30feet. Again the the floor is by Ludwig Oppenheimer. Unfortunately, I cannot supply a panorama of this truly magnificent floor because it now cluttered with surplus benches that are vagrant since the so called antiphonal style of arranging seating was introduced to the transcepts. This is another example of the how idiotic the planning laws are being applied and supervised by the heritage officer of Co. Cork. The benches cannot be removed from the building so they have to be put somewhere. In this case, they have been dumped into the Lady Chapel and occupy a space never intended to have seating. The sum effect of this, apart from the visual problem, is that the bences will inevitaly (and have) cracked and damaged the fine mosaci on the floor which is totally obscured by them.

The iconography of the floor has a marian theme, connected to the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, which dogma was defined in 1854 Рsome 40 years before the floor was installed. It it richly s̩mi with marian motives and contains five roundels: one large central superimposed on a Cross, and four smaller roundels depicting marian themes also inset on floral crosses.

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