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This is a very good post Alek and I agree with you completely. Having lived in London it is dramatic the difference in road surface quality between the two cities. In understand that the CC is not exactly flush with money but the state that the roads of this city are in is as much a management issue than one of adequate funding. Recent road improvement works to a QUALITY Bus Corridor and cycle lane near my home were laughable. The road was widened and the section between the original carraigeway and the new paths now resembles a BMX obstacle course. Its unbeliveably bad workmanship and all the more irritating because you know its cost a fortune.

The condition of most city centre streets is utterly attrocious. A number road improvment works wer announced last year – Capel St, Pearse St for example but I havent seen any progress. Even areas given recent treatment look dreadful. The Hawkins St/ Townsend St are in particular has to be the worst example of road engineering in the city.

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