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Alek Smart

Thanks Graham for your continuing responses as they reassure me that SOMEBODY else notices the haphazard and dangerous manner in which these matters are handled.
For me it is a issue of basics.
There is little point in Government Ministers,City Managers or Traffic Tszars lining up to launch the newest Multi-Billion Euro Motorway,LRT,QBC or Underground system if they continue to completely ignore the BASICS…The ABC`s of how a living City requires effective and efficient MANAGEMENT of its infrastructure.
All around Dublin I am struck by the locations where in Public Transport terms very great Improvements in Bus Operations could be had for the spending of relatively small amounts of money,yet nobody within the very restricted and almost Masonic order of Civic Governors appears to give a toss about taking a close interested peek at how the Systems operate.
It`s much sexier to adhere to the Seamus Brennan principle and get yourself space on Media by announcing yet another new Billion Euro idea which of course just requires a few final touches before its operational.
In my experience those final touches never come.
It`s why DART steamed along for 20 years through Stations which had not altered since Wm Dargans Day.
Can anybody justify why it took 20 years to electrically illuminate the vast majority of the Dart Stations to at least give some semblance of a safe environment for Commuters travelling after dark.
Can anybody explain why each and every major Office and Retail Development in the City Centre was passed through the full planning system without ANYBODY in the City Council even mentioning how perhaps a small element of Public transport copmpatibility might perhaps make the Council somewhat more amenable to the overall proposal..?
Blackmail ?…Perhaps ,but I would see it as making a real move toward freeing Dublins Citizens from their imposed reliance of the private car.
The Irish Life Centre.
The Ilac Centre.
The Stephens Green Centre.
The Arnotts Redevelopment.
The Parnell Centre…..on and on one could go with the only common thread being that there is not space for a Public Service Bicycle in ANY of them.
This lack of BASIC comprehension is what is causing the steady progression of the collapse of the shoddy physical infrastructure we struggle to get along with.
Take a good close look at the state of the Stillorgan QBC,focus on the heavily utilized stops,notice how the carriageway is sinking,notice the wheel spaced depressions and the transverse cracking of the Tarmacadam.
The original specs of the QBC`s called for little more than a tin of paint and a brush and nobody saw fit to ask why if we were planing on such a vast improvement in Bus Services did we not strengthen the road surfaces beneath all these extra fully laden vehicles…..
Until and unless there is an infusion of NEW and INTERESTED talent into Dublins Administrative authorities then I reckon the Wheelbarrow and the Shovelful of Chippin`s will continue to typify our attitude to these matters.
We are now entering a Bank Holiday weekend Graham and I would be prepared to wager on Suffolk St remaining untouched at least until Tuesday……UNLESS of course there is an accident/incident…..THAT tends to concentrate the Proffessional mind to a degree not equalled by anything else. 😡 😡

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