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As humourously as you treat the issue, agreed that such practices are deadly serious. Especially any works involving bus lanes, bus stops and their patrons; they ought to be treated with the utmost care.
I agree that Wellington Quay seems to have faded from the collective memory – there was a discernable change in practice amongst bus drivers’ habits alone post-incident, but they’re revving up and swerving in and out of bus stops as quickly as ever now.

I was on Suffolk St this morning – the works described do seem to have been related to the ESB providing power to the old BoI across the road – digging a channel across. The large hole in the pavement at the bus stop has be appallingly filled in with that loose tar chipping material – lightly compacted down. Much of it is loose, with a raised circular ring of it left around a litter bin, itself dumped back down lopsided.
A large granite kerbstone is missing where the channel moved across the road, which has also been filled in with tar – essentially the material runs out from the pavment, into the kerb hole, and spills out loosly onto the road. There are chippings everywhere that haven’t even been swept up yet – yet the place deserted of workers.
It is a disgraceful finish. And 1000s of bus users step directly down onto it.
Even if it is temporary, why should it be?! Why wasn’t the original surface and kerbstone immediately reinserted?

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