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Alek Smart

Indeed Stephen,I am more concerned about the very noticeable deterioration in standards applying to Roads Maintenance.
Much of the work appears to be carried out in a haphazard manner both in the planning and execution of the job.
In fact having had an opportunity to sample the Dawson St “Patches” I can now see that these will soon begin to peel as the joins between the old and new surfaces are far from being sealed.
To me it always appears as if DCC`s Professionals have little or no idea of the amount of damage done by for example water ingress beneath the road surface.
Take a ramble around Dublin City after a period of heavy rain and take note of the numbers of Holes opened by the flushing out of the shovelfull`s of Chippings so beloved of DCC`s Paving Dept for decades….
Nobody within the City Council appears to have any responsibility for devising and administering acceptable MINIMUM standards which the Contractors MUST meet …..Is it a case of too close a relationship tween Paymaster and Payee I wonder…?????

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