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Without wanting to sound like his apologist, I think the forces he faces – from business interests, semi-states defending their patch, a non-urbanist establishment, an increasingly individualistic populace etc. – against creating a cultured, first-rate, public-transport and pedestrian-focussed European city are massive.

I would agree about problems in urban design – you mention the carbuncle on Dame Street. Personally I feel that, while we have a good chief planner, some of the Development Control planners’ interpretation of a ‘densify’ policy is causing problems. Some horrific stuff has been let through in recent times – more damaging to the city than any of the mediocre ’90s crap. Henrietta Street I suppose would be the biggest calamity.
Some, not all, I stress. There are good planners in there too, who are not afraid to refuse shite.

Re: Line BX, I was at an RPA metro consultation workshop before xmas and they mentioned that they had narrowed BX down to two options – both going through College Green (hooray!) – and will be advertising these for comment this month. I genuinely believe Luas through here will be the silver bullet, golden bullet and every other type of bullet for traffic in the city centre.

Re: the Arnotts car park ramp – the council have indicated their unwillingness to facilitate this idea in their Further Information request.

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