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So many noises emminate from the Civic Offices regarding ‘plans for Dublin’ but so few seem to get anywhere. What about:

The Markets – a whole framework area no less, unveiled with much hype years ago but nothing has been done apart from demolish the old Fish Markets. I understand there were a number of problems but surely we should see some progress on this soon. A private sector variation of this scheme has been lodged for the old Iveagh Markets and I bet it gets completed first!

Parnell Square redevelopment – will surely take 15 years to complete at its present snails pace. John Fitzgerald indicated last Jan (or was it Jan 2005) when he announced the plan that the contractor for the OC Street works would be retained to simply continue the works up around the Square. Nothing has been done although the OPW have begun to construct their new entrance to the Garden of Remembrance.

O’Connell Street itself – still missing about 15 trees at my estimate, plus the kiosks, plus action on the Carlton site, plus removing the old overstreet lighting….

SoHo – announced last year. Hasnt been a dickiebird since.

Poolbeg – Another framework plan that hasn’t moved from the shelf

The Walkable City guff – not much sign of a radical rethink of the appearance and form of the city centre. Certainly no effort to improve things like signage so that tourists can actually understand where they’re going. Speaking of signage, DDDA installed some snazzy new signage units all over the Docklands. Very nice….. until Quality Hotel decided they wanted to tack on their brown finger signage to show the way to their hotel on Mackin Street.

Cathedral Quarter – another masterplan from last year but no immediate actions.

Henrietta Street – well we have seen the laughable paving works

The Temple Bar revamp – went down almost as fast as the proposed hot air balloon on the quays would have. At least they repaired that gapping tarmac infill on Crow Street. Soon to receive a monstrous hulking ‘landmark’ courtesy of Bono and the Lads.

…anyone got anymore……

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