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A very entertaining account, Gunter.

To quote John Earl*

All the philsophical attitudes and policy statements ….amount in the end to a monocular view of what conservation is about. We have looked with only one eye – the Western one. In most oriental cultures the idea of going through agonies of conscience over the preservation of particular morsels of old fabric simply because they are old would not be seen as entirely reasonable. From this alternative viewpoint, a building has an indestructible soul; a permanent reality, which can survive any amount of renewal, including, in the case of the most ancient and revered monuments, a succession of total rebuilds from the ground up.

The Japanese temple complex of Ise Naiku in Honshu Province has been replicated every twenty years since the reign of Emporer Temmu (636 – 686). **

*Building Conservation Philosophy, Donhead, Shaftesbury, 3rd Ed, 2003 p142
** James Marston Fitch, Historic Preservation 1990, quoted in the above book.

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