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excuse me for being a pedant

I had my doubts about Brunel’s involvement in the Dublin one so i sourced this from a site on athmospheric railways …
[Brunel] did choose it for the line and actively promoted it (well, “actively”
is redundant with Brunel). It was actually developed by Samuel Clegg
and Joseph and Jacob Samuda.”

No problem, you are right, though i didn’t say he invented it–I had also researched this some time ago because the former route (now the southern DART line) runs close to my home. You point out a key factor– Brunel’s dynamism and willingness to promote new technology. Of course, this depended on vast resources, and I would like to echo editor of the S. Bus. Post Damon Kiberd’s recent appeal for more foreign private capital to be invited into Irish public projects (NDP)– perhaps then we may get a more Brunelesque approach.
Have we any Dargans?
By the way, I am emphatically against big, unsound projects for their own sake– I am talking about stuff that will bear comparison with Brunel’s work. The port tunnel seems worthwhile and brings us up to the level of Cork in this area– this is the way to go.

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