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Some great tweaking there Morlan – most impressive how you do that, especially O’Connell Bridge House as I recall, the floors of which you managed to replicate perfectly above, without the glazing or reflections being tell-taleishly identical.

The altered image above certainly puts an interesting spin on things, and I would largely agree that this area could accommodate this height, though would cut them back by two storeys – eight/nine is adequately tall whilst also respecting the grain of the area and the city at large. Eleven really does dominate unpleasantly over existing development

Also interesting to see how the design considerations need to be altered to account for such a change in height – the small windows become so much more monotonous and their vertical shape perhaps doesn’t work quite as well.
The right-hand building in particular looks so much better with that extra height – it’s very squat and bland without that elegant vertical emphasis. Saying that, the ‘handrail’ on top looks quite ridiculous in its new position – more so 🙂

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