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Dublin is over-populated with museums? What foolishness is this? First, I don’t actually believe it and b) the main suggestion for the Stack A was a science museum and that is an attraction for children and for children Dublin is not over-populated with anything except the children themselves. The business the zoo does is amazing until you realize that’s it for Saturday morning attractions near the city centre. The government obviously agreed, since it is now supporting a children’s museum elsewhere, but as an excuse for loosing the levy, this is foolishness.

I think her comment on the dock is annoying too, yes, relative to the original stupidy of filling it with rubble and occasionally putting a platform on it, yes, building the abbey might be a convenience, but a better plan would have been to not fill it with rubble in the first place.

Pity you didn’t ask about travellers, I am sure it would have caught her by suprise, it is sad noone seems to be thinking about this.

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