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I was talking to a photographer who was exhibiting at the recent Dublin Bicycle Festival, and he said that a few months ago he was on Mayor Street taking photos of the feet of passers-by – and using a tripod – when a guard in a hi-vis jacket approached him to tell him that photography was not permitted and that he had to pack up his equipment and leave the area. As he was walking towards Connolly Stn, there was a different hi-vis security guard at each junction making sure he didn’t dally on his way out, i.e. the original guard must have radioed all of his colleagues telling them to keep an eye out for this fella as he left.

The place is so dull it must have been the highlight of their day, though. “At last!! Something to do!!”

(Now there’s always the chance that there isn’t a rule against it [any more?], but that didn’t stop the guards from telling him that it was forbidden. A bit like cycling… [seriously- there are signs!])

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