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Rusty Cogs wrote:
The venerable house of Cogs indeed.

OK, to the best of my recollection, but I could be wrong, they never said any of this etc etc.

I asked about the wisdom of filling in Georges Dock for the Abbey. She stated that it wasn’t going to be filled in but the Abbey built in the centre of it with a moat effect around the sides. The cost of continually draining and refilling the dock for current shows was proving costly. She thought the loss of the water body, historic docklands feature would be outwayed by the benefits of having the national theatre in the docklands.

I asked if it was a good idea to anchor the CHQ with a department store and would a cultural (say Museum) anchor tennent not be better. She agreed but said that their studies showed that Dublin was over populated with Museums and although she would have liked something similar to go in there after three years of trying it just never happened.

I asked if the hight restrictions in the north Lotts would be raised now that the Point Village Tower was going to be 100m and the current hight levels in the IFSC meant that there was not sufficient density of people to create a 24 hour urban environment. She said (ED]

Thanks for that:) Just her reference to the Beacon Tower: Is this the one in Sandyford? Is it under construction? I dont see how they could use that as guidence to how high they want to go in the Docklands if its not even under construction yet. Also good to see clarification on the Georges Dock site. I thought the body of water in its entireity would disappear.:)

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