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I am doing a favour for my friend and drawing up planning documents for an extension to the side of her house. I have done a survey and I have a good idea of what drawings I have to produce. I am wondering if anyone would be able to show me any similar examples that they have submitted for planning so I can figure out what way to lay out the sheets etc. I am a student on my year out and I am used to working on much bigger projects and I am not familiar with the standard submission of this scale would be.

Also, as it is a job for a friend I am unsure of what the going professional rate is, so its hard to estimate a reduced price for her. Does anyone have any experience/advice regarding this?

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Plans, Elevations, Sections of before and after and showing adjoining properties. Marked up Ordinance Survey maps. Site Layouts showing notice location, any foul changes, surface water changes, main water changes. Planning application, copy of signed site notice, copy of newspaper ad, Drawing list. Any impact statements required. My view is it is best to put all on A3 sheets if possible as planners like to be able to flick through a pack easily at their desks. make it as easy for them as possible and it will ne easier for you.

As for rate, that really depends on how well you know this friend and how much you like them. I myself never charge family. I just get them to pay the fees etc. For friends for cash depends on how much a friend.

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