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ah now let’s not kick off a war. GAA is a provincial pursuit imported into our fine cosmopolitan capital city by upwardly mobile country cousints from the 1950s onwards. If you want a true blue (excuse the pun) Dublin sports colours one need look no further than the red and black of the Bohemian Football Club, estbld in our fair city in 1890

well if it’s League of Ireland we’re using as a guide surely it should all be “in the red”.

Now that I think of it that joke may belong in darker days given the voracious gobbling up of the ol’ grounds by the Carroll’s of this land eh?! Spiritual home of Irish football me hole;)

I’ve been considering this thread as I wend my merry through the streets and I think the current yellow and blue ones are quite good tbh. But there is a definite need for a uniform branding when the DTA assumes dictatorial power over everything that moves in the Dublin region from DARTs to skateboards. Also the state of the fcking bus stops in this city are a disgrace! As was discussed elsewhere the number of different types, different designs, info-less poles, incomplete timetables, different shelters etc is utterly ludicrous.

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