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By modern standards it’s grotty, but I think most agree it was a highly coherent scheme. The same with DART – it’s surprising actually how much harmony was achieved across the two modes given the general absence of image consultants at the time or emphasis placed on branding.

The Airlink is quite fresh, if a bit 1990’s building society in outlook. You’d probably end up rather queasy with that smeared across the entire fleet as mentioned.

The yellow and dark blue is still a very elegant scheme – the choice of blue in particular really hits the spot – and the contrast very effective, but I’d tend to agree that the brash yellow is getting distinctly irritating, especially when you get rippling walls of it along the main streets of the city. It’s also impossible to ignore in photographs! The amount of times you get a nasty sliver of yellow entering along the bottom of your shot đŸ˜®

Incidentally, I only realised recently that if the top third of the new DARTs was painted brown, you’d have an exact reproduction of a Loop the Loop ice lolly.

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