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The track works on the Kildare line will be finished either at the end of this year or the start of 2010.
Commuter rail to Dunboyne is supposed to be finished in 2010 (I can’t see it happening though)
All the Interurban motorways will be finished
Unfortunately, the City West line won’t be finished in 2010. Possibly in 2011
The Expansion of Cork Commuter services to Midleton (August 2009)
The Start of Intercity rail services between Limerick and Galway (August 2009)
By the end of 2010, cunstruction should be underway on all remaining luas and metro projects ( again, can’t see that happening that soon)
Airport Terminal 2 is to open in April 2010
Integrated Ticketing Service is long over due, but will perhaps make significant progress in the next 18 months
IÉ want to start work on the interconnector in 2010 (but this is unlikely)

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