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Do I have to go through an Irish broker or is it possible to get cover directly from a uk based insurance co./broker?[/QUOTE”]

Sorry for delay EA, I’m been basking in the balmy torrential rain and cooled by the gales in the Kingdom.

There is nothing to prevent you from either going “direct” to an insurer here or in the UK or doing so via an Irish or UK based broker.
In Ireland brokers are controlled/regulated by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority (IFSRA) and in the UK by FSA. To operate in Ireland a UK broker should have the appropriate approvals and vice-a-versa. It is the same for insurance companies. If you obtain a policy through a UK broker unapproved in Ireland or from a UK insurer who does not have a licence to operate in Ireland you could have a problem in the event of a claim. The IFSRA site details those licensed and the classes of business permitted.
In your position I would first try a direct insurer – e.g. Quinn Direct, obtain a quote to have a benchmark and then get a broker to obtain rates for you from the market.
I do not need PI meself, nor do I have any ties with any names mentioned.

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