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I would hope that our Professional Body would provide everything that all other Professional bodies provide our construction industry peers.

1. Recognition of Profession.
2. Advice and backup to all members, on all aspects.
3. In-house training courses.
4. Regular CPD at local centres around the country.
5. P.I insurance.
6. Representation at Government level. Proactive in new laws / Regulations.
7. Representation on Building Control Advising Body.
8. Representation on College Course / inspecting body.
9. Ability to discuss problems with Councils, Banks etc
10. Everything its members want! Decided democratically.

I’m sure the National Committee of IATGN is strong and active but the web site lets it down badly.

As a member of the IATGN, I am eager to know how the IATGN is getting on.
When, if ever, will their forums be up and running?
The IATGN needs to actively communicate with its members.

Open positive debate and active communication is the only way forward.

I agree that people need to join one or all of the current groups, CIAT, RIAI Tech or IATGN.
We also need every individual technician to get involved… its our future.

Do we want a say in it?

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