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Tens of thousands of houses and apartments will be built this year without adherence to the EU’s energy rating directive, thanks to the Government’s procrastination on the matter – as with the delayed introduction of new building codes a couple of years ago that would have negatively affected Dublin’s shoddy hollow block construction industry.

Supposed to be introduced in January 2006, the Govt pushed the energy directive’s introduction back to January 2007 – great news for developers. Then they decided that the directive would only apply to buildings that submitted planning applications after July 1st 2006 – another fantastic stoke of luck for our friends in the building trade: wow they were onto a winning streak here. And now we hear in the past week that our ever-accommodating minister has just pushed that deadline back to December 31st 2006! Bonanza or what!

So any building that applied for permission in 2006, and this is only applied as permission may not come through until April or May at the earliest this year, will get a free run. Effectively, many thousands of apartment and housing developments being built over 2007 and 2008 will not have to be rated until 2009, with purchasers clueless as to their efficiency. Not only is it bad for consumers, it also sustains a lack of any incentive on the part of developers to use energy efficiency as a marketing tool, with the emphasis placed solely on maintaining the status quo for as long as possible.

Have a listen to Century Home’s Gerry McCaughey’s eloquent rant on the News at One today. Though a slight self-interest in the matter, in this dull news week he got a good six minutes to himself to lambaste the Government on this important matter:

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