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I predict that the trend for county councillors to relentlessly sue for height reductions in almost all spheres of architectural development in this country shall be savagely, and righteously reversed.

Now, under laws passed by our chambers of legislature in the House of Leinster, all county councillors shall have MANDATORY height reductions. This will take the form of the banning of stiletto heels for female ccs(and wayward male ones too) and the obligatory decommisioning of all male ccs lower legs.

This reform will have the appreciable impact of lowering the visual impact of our local governors and reduce the shadowing effect they have on their hapless staff and common person.

This backlash will, I believe, avange all those mutilated stumps of once proud architectural sketches dotted around the country, whose only shackles to being who they really were by the agonising tunnel-vision of our esteemed local government.

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