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I have to disagree on two fronts

Firstly the Academy Street Scheme will decimate the context of the facade retained dolls house which as it is only a facade retention does not require that much protection my main concern with that scheme is its impact on the Crawford Gallery which is thankfully set back from the streetline. It is also a detatched or detachable property and does not form part of a terrace.

In contrast Moore Street represents the worst frontage of the entire Carlton holding and in all reality would have offered 5 – 9 stories as the Ilac Centre of all the vistas would not require any consideration.

I would imagine that the plan at this point of a cleared site would have been an internal space and there is no way that a single building retained no matter how incorporated would not be a complete disaster in engineering and visual terms.

I normally agree with you but the designation of 16 Moore Street as a National Monument is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of in listing terms whats next the interior of Funland?

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