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@Coexist wrote:

Basically I’m curious to learn if no reference was made to a pre-planning consultation on the application form, even though according to a large section of wording in the appeal to An Bord Pleanala such a consultation obviously took place how ought I to address this to my local authority or is it all merely a matter of hearsay? Surely, secret meetings cannot be engaged in at this level.

According to the Appeal I have no doubt that such a consultation occurred and although I checked and rechecked the application, there is no record whatsoever of such a meeting, This is very sinister indeed. Can I query my L.A.on this or is there anyway that this may be of interest to An Boad Pleanala?

Thanks again.

😉 If there are no files relating to pre-planning meetings between the LA and the developer (and you say they do exist) you should mention this fact to ABP as the planning laws would have been broken.
If ABP do their job properly the have to take this into account.

Planning and Development Act 2000
Section 247.
(5) The planning authority shall keep a record in writing of any consultations under this section that relate to a proposed development, including the names of those who participated in the consultations, and a copy of such record shall be placed and kept with the documents to which any planning application in respect of the proposed development relates.

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