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J. Seerski

If you mean georgian aka : between George 1st and George 3rd, then there are quite a few examples still lurching around – mostly the facades are gone, the interiors remain.

Areas that were constructed before the 1700s include parts of Capel Street, Stephens Green, Ormond Quay and possibly prts of College Green.

If you mean Georgian in ‘style’ then you would be hard pressed to find any. The Georgian style as we know it today existed prior to the reign of George 1, ie: brick houses with sash windows. However there is one exception to this: it was a typical feature of Dublin housing in the 17th century to have its gable wall at the front of the house as opposed to the side – similar to what you would see in Amsterdam (‘Dutch Billy Gables’ they were called). Some remnants of these exist, though generally the parapets have been levelled, the only clue being the succession of windows not being uniform in sequence.

Plenty of pre-georgian churches still around!

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