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PP Appeal Date passed

I spent the last three months in the states. Just after I left a planning decision on an extension I lodged was due.
After a few weeks the client contacted me and said it was granted.

I am back about a week, and after a bit of rest I set about to tie this one up. I got a few copies of the drawings, and any letters the CC had sent me.
I was reading through the conditions, my first time to see them, and I noticed that the CC had attached a condition that the max projection be 4m, instead of the 5m in the original. I got in touch with the client and asked him was he aware of this. He wasn’t. He isn’t happy about this, he was asking about objections/appeals and I told him the appeal date was past. 4 weeks after intial grant. Grant was two months ago.

What are his options now, build 4m extension, build 5m and go for retention,
build 5m anyway, nobody will measure it.
I dont like the second two. Are they are better options?

probably not – might point out to the client that an appeal on 1 condition MAY result in the entire permission being turned down … it happens

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