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Mitchell and Associates also carried out work for the City Council here and proposed changes to the Potato Market area. Interestingly to see their ideas back then for the new weir (Abbey Navigation Works).

King’s Island Integrated Action Plan

This project involved the preparation of a detailed plan for the conservation/development of King’s Island, an historic precinct of Limerick City. The plan proposed detailed urban interventions for the area, including development proposals for backland areas, derelict lands and riverfront sites.

The catalyst for the reworking of King’s Island was the insertion of a major link road, connecting the Dublin Road corridor to the Ennis Road. The insertion of this element created a number of new development opportunities, but also allowed for the insertion of traffic calming and pedestrianisation schemes in areas of King’s Island where traffic volume was reduced.

A major component of the study was to provide for the opening up of the Abbey River for navigation purposes, together with the provision of marina facilities and the upgrading of the riverfront walks. This initiation has now been implemented, together with traffic calming in the King John’s Castle area on the west side of the Island.

The Curragour Boat Club has great potential here as it could launch boats on either side of the weir (Shannon / Abbey). Gunter, a low two-three storey round club house like what Mitchell proposed below would denote the site of the medieval circular tower. Obviously a restaurant / café on top would give it great views of the river.

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