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The Murray O’Laoire / Limerick Market Trustees proposal is on their web site since at least February 2007, alas the details were not accessible due to a wrong link. This is only recently rectified.

See previous posts from February 2007 (1001, 1012, 1013, 1015, 1016).

Medieval Quarter (Limerick Centre Strategy 2008)

Site A – Potato Market and Boat Club, Merchants Quay

The site is currently used as a car park and Boat Club. It is located across the Abbey River from the proposed Arthurs Quay development area. It is a key site in the context of linking the Central Core to the Medieval Quarter. The site is adjacent to City Hall, King John’s Castle, and Castle Lane Museum in a high tourist interest area.

It is two minutes walk to the City Centre and all amenities and services.

The site measures 0.304 ha (0.751 acres) with views of the Shannon Riverside and Marina. It is proposed to develop a new plaza area on the site incorporating the current plaza in front of City Hall.

The site also offers the potential for the development of a mixed use building at the Matthew Bridge end of the site. Views of the river can be created by the opening up of the river side of the site.

The proposed riverside walk will be situated on part of the site.

Action: Progress development of site in conjunction with Limerick Market Trustees and Curragower Boat Club to propose the creation of an iconic building, possibly incorporating arts, a riverside centre for watersports, and cultural facilities.

Personally I would prefer a simple open green park space that would compliment the Custom House Quay Park on the other side of the Abbey River.

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