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@ctesiphon wrote:

That was why I disputed the Galway building’s credentials..

I accept your argument on the Galway building.

@ctesiphon wrote:

I’d also agree with the ‘frustration’ argument, but not with the rejection of master narratives. Or rather, postmodernists may claim to be rejecting master narratives but even in such a claim they are partly embracing them. Or did you mean that they are rejecting the concept of a master narrative? which I think is fairly true…

Also agree – most of the major tenets of postmodernism that also be seen as metanarratives in their own right – the fragmented self, the collapse of the boundary between high and low culture etc. These concepts have, ironically, become metanarratives in their own right.

On Madonna – need to look at her video again to study it more closely before I would comment in detail on this. Perhaps Talking Heads would be a better example – on a road to nowhere and all of that. You are a bit harsh on Madonna, though – I hope I am that agile in my late forties.

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