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The beauty of postmodernism is the difficulty in defining it – it is as slippery as an eel. I know in the world of literary, visual and musical arts, postmodernism does not necessarily involve any reference to classicism per se. Rather, it involves a rejection of master narratives (unlike modernism and victorianism) and a sense of frustration at the difficulty of ‘coming up’ with something new. To that end, it revels in re-hashing the past, in juxtaposing styles that may or may not sit comfortably together (consider, for example, the drawing together of different musical traditions and cultural images in Madonna’s new hit ‘Hung-up’). From my understanding of the issue, in architecture that can involve the sowing together of different architectural and cultural referents and artefacts, some of which can have an explicit connection with the architectural traditions of the local area but are not necessarily informed by any concept of classicism. :confused:

Replace the word ‘classicism’ in my last post with the word ‘architecture’- it’s what I meant originally anyway (the classicism thing was with reference to Mannerism).
I agree with you about the distinction being that between accident and design. Postmodernim relies on the knowing bending of rules or accretion of features of various periods, rather than on inadvertent juxtaposition and unintended deviation. That was why I disputed the Galway building’s credentials.
I’d also agree with the ‘frustration’ argument, but not with the rejection of master narratives. Or rather, postmodernists may claim to be rejecting master narratives but even in such a claim they are partly embracing them. Or did you mean that they are rejecting the concept of a master narrative? which I think is fairly true.

One other thing- I don’t see Madonna as postmodern. Desperate, yes]art[/I] in her appropriation. So I think the point you make is a good one, but the artist you use to illustrate it is a bit wide of the mark.

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