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šŸ™‚ You do get that impression alright. Yes the Lower Mount St building would be a good example – there’s surprisingly few ‘pure’ postmodern buildings about.
Obviously it’s a broad church, which is why this thread was raised again – to try and root out blatent examples of postmodernism as distinct from the likes of the Ulster Bank as BTH says, or Beresford Court, Watergold and even the Treasury Building – all of which bear references to the style, but are essentially watered down versions, if even that – what are more often referred to here as ‘early 90s stuff’ than ‘postmodern’.

The Herbert St building is a classic example of pomo as executed on an international level, as is the Tara St building, but we don’t seem to have much else about the country. It’s either architecture that just attempts a ‘classic look’, or the opposite end of the scale that goes all out reproduction.

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