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There’s an office block on Mount Street (Lower or Upper? The non-Peppercanister one) by Andrzej Wejchert that is undeniably Postmodern, a term I understand as being close to Mannerism (Italian 16th century version), in that it is playful and ironic and depends on a basic familiarity with the ‘rules’ of classicism. This building has columns flanking the main entrance that support no pediment or entablature, and a cutstone arch that is missing its keystone, to name two features. I actually quite like it though I’m not usually a fan of Postmodernism, but I know it’s not universally admired.
It’s opposite one of those horrible pubs (Howl at the Moon?) near the Merrion Square end of the street.

I’m not sure if I’d class the Galway Crystal place as pomo- I always thought it was trying to be the real deal of classicism and failing miserably rather than having any jokey classical allusions incorporated. Not so much tongue-in-cheek as tongue-hanging-out.

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