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Why not Historical too I wonder – indeed how is Historical defined by the NIAH I wonder?

Delightful Edwardian pillar box here outside the National Museum on Kildare Street in Dublin.

The perfect middle-size pillar.

Further down at the street’s northern entrance is a large double Posts and Telegraphs box, a number of which were erected throughout the city centre at strategic locations presumably at the same time. A mirror-image position can be noted on Dawson Street, while others are to be found on St. Stephen’s Green and O’Connell Street – always at junctions with other streets.

Here is the Kildare Street box before and after its recent repainting.

Alas the box is already in almost as poor condition just months after the work was carried out, covered in dirty smears, stickers and papery residues, while the paint has been chipped off from all of the relief work to the same extent as depicted in the first image. What a shame.
Indeed mere days after the city centre boxes were painted, the vast majority were covered in stickers and graffiti. Nearly every single one. I couldn’t believe how quickly they were all defaced.

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