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Embarrassing confession time- I have a pic of the box, but it’s only a close-up. I (unforgivably) didn’t take a context shot. As soon as I get it scanned, I’ll stick it up anyway, but I’m preparing you for disappointment. Still, I guarantee it’s in Monaghan, and it’s certainly an SE box.


Here it is. From memory, the street it’s on slopes down from left to right, and I think it was on a building no higher than 2 storeys, maybe even only one, that was near a junction (out of shot to the right). The building was a little the worse for wear, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the box had been moved since 1999. In fact, it would seem from the pic that the box is on the ‘seam’ between two buildings.
If you can’t read it, the text along the bottom seems to say ‘LESSON DAVIS ENNISCORTHY’.

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