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Hi Eric,
If you’re staying in the city centre, there should be older pillar post boxes nearby. A good number of our boxes still bear royal ciphers as the photos here attest.
As far as I know, there isn’t a comprehensive list (see my post #11 above), and the NIAH surveys mentioned above don’t yet include Dublin city or county. But look at the link in post #4 above for some leads, perhaps.
Are you looking for any particular type of box? There are no hexagons in Dublin, but there are a few other unusual types such as the double box – for ‘Dublin’ and ‘All Other Places’ – on Dame Street. If you’re sticking to the Georgian parts of town, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding what you’re after.

ctesiphon, thanks for your reply. I’m staying in the city centre on Aungier Street, so I will have to take a good look around as I roam about the city. I’m not really looking for any one design in particular (I know there are dozens of designs and have no formal knowledge on the subject as many others I have seen do). I appreciate your writing back.


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