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Three ESB plants to close by 2010
Thursday, 21 June 2007 12:55
The ESB has announced that it is to close the power generating stations at Great Island in Wexford, Poolbeg in Dublin and Tarbert in Kerry by 2010.

The move is part of an agreement with the energy regulator to reduce the ESB’s dominant position in the marketplace.

The steam turbine at Marina in Cork is also to close but the larger gas turbine there will remain open. These plants currently generate 1300 megawatts of electricity.

AdvertisementIn exchange for closing the stations, the ESB will be allowed to construct a new station in Aghada, Cork Harbour with a capacity of 430 megawatts.

This will bring the ESB’s power generation share of the energy market to 27% by the year 2010 down from its current level of 44%

Around 300 staff will be affected but there will be no compulsory redundancies.

Unions at the company accept that, even without the regulator’s strategy, the plants are now out of date and would be due for closure.

They will be holding their fire for the real battle over the future of the ESB as set out in the Government’s White Paper.

It proposes transferring ownership of the national grid to a separate company, Eirgrid, and wants the networks section to operate on a not-for-profit basis.

Unions view this as asset stripping which reduces the value of the ESB by over €1 billion.

The incinerator is looking weaker every day; now where to put those stinking water works?

Could we decentralise them?

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